Production process

Wheat Bran is a by-product of the milling of wheat into flour; therefore, it comes directly out of the Mills. To a lesser extent, other sources supply of Wheat Bran can come from pasta and semolina factories (Durum Wheat) and Starch production. It can be sold as meal or pellets. While it’s difficult to quantify, the estimate production of Wheat Bran per year is around between 60 million tons and 90 million tons. The main producing countries are Russia, China, USA, India and European Countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands…).

Usage of Wheat Bran

Wheat Bran is a major Agro-industrial by-product used in animal feed. It can be used as a feed raw material or as an additive in various animal feed. It’s good content of Protein, starch but also fiber make it a valuable commodity.